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Our Clients

The Tupicoffs Family Office service is offered to clients who want to eliminate the burden of managing their own complex financial situations. It is an exclusive service offered to those who have achieved a high level of wealth, looking to outsource the day to day management of their assets to a team dedicated to monitoring and managing their situation closely.

Many of our family office clients are business owners, successful in their own right, with little time to keep as close an eye on their finances as they would like. With our Family Office service, we are able to step in to provide that peace of mind.

Our clients have often accumulated significant wealth and are seeking assistance on ways to contribute back to their family and the community. We are able to provide advice and assistance in achieving these philanthropic goals.


Our Services

Tupicoffs' Family Office is a holistic and independent wealth management service.  This means that we have no affiliations with any product and service providers.  This, ensures that the advice you receive is wholly focused on you and there are no conflicts of interest.  We also consider that privacy is of utmost importance for your financial future, and we retain your confidentiality as one of our key values.

Our service is completely individual for every client we have as we understand your family and financial situation and requirements are highly unique.  Our dedicated team understand you have worked hard to build your family's wealth, and we respect that by providing the best wealth management service in Australia.  We encourage you to contact us for a confidential discussion with one of our qualified financial advisors about what we can do for you.

Our team takes pride in developing understanding relationships with our clients and their complex financial situation to provide a wealth management service we are incredibly proud of.




Q: I have been very successful but all my time seems to be taken up looking after my finances. I want to still maintain a level of control but don't want to do everything  myself. If I were to have someone advise me, I would want complete transparency and honesty. What should I do?
A: Contact us for a completely confidential and obligation free discussion on how we can eliminate the burden and take care of your finances for you. The Tupicoffs Family Office service is offered to clients who want to eliminate the burden of managing their own complex financial situations.  It is an exclusive service offered to those who have a high level of wealth, and are looking to outsource the day to day management of their finances but retain oversight and decision making.

Q: Are you Independent?
A: Yes. Independence is an important part of who we are and what we do. This means the advice you are receiving is always going to be in your best interests. All our financial planners have signed our Declaration of Independence and confirm annually they meet all the criteria to be called independent.  

We don't use the term 'independent" lightly. "Independent" is a controlled term under the Corporations Law. Only financial planners who can meet a rigorous set of standards set out under Section 923A of the Corporations Act can describe themselves as independent or unbiased.

Anyone who receives any form of commission or sales incentive cannot call themselves independent. Similarly if ownership or control exists with a financial product provider then the term independent cannot be used. There are only a very small number of financial planners in Australia who meet the definition of independent.

Q:What experience do you have in providing family office services?
A: Tupicoffs has been providing advice for over 47 years.  Over that time we have spent a lot of time talking to clients and developing solutions to life's challenges.  That collection of experiences combined with our commitment to professional learning make us uniquely qualified to help our clients.

We currently provide Family Office Services to a small number of very high net worth families.

All our financial planners are degree qualified and have an ongoing commitment to grow their professional skills and knowledge.  

Q: Why are your prices not on the website?
A: Our service is completely unique to your personal financial situation and varies for each client based on the amount and complexity of work required. After our initial meeting we will send a client agreement and a price for our work. Clients can make a decision about whether they wish to use us after they have received our client agreement and fee quote, and had time to consider them. We charge an annual fee which covers all our work for the year.  There are no other fees or charges for preparing Statements of Advice or implementing recommendations.

Q: Can you work with my existing accountant?
A: We are more than happy to cooperate with the experienced team you have already established and have trust in.

Q: Can I get a reference from an existing Family Office client?
A: Unfortunately not.  We maintain absolute confidentiality for all of our clients and do not expect them to provide references for our work. We understand how important privacy is and will always respect that.


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